About Me

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I have worked for the National Health Service (NHS) for 15 years as a qualified staff nurse working in general and mental heath giving me a better understanding of how your emotional state can effect your physical well-being. In addition to this, I'm a Level 4 Diploma qualified specialist counsellor. I have studied Level 3 drug and alcohol addiction counselling for a year and a half along with child psychology.

My goal is to help you overcome and understand your struggles, helping you to begin opening doors and move away from confusion and darkness that you may be experiencing in your life. I look at you, the person, as a whole addressing how your feelings affect how you think and act. With a lot of work from yourself, along with my guidance, you can begin to understand the reasons and the ways back to getting your life on track.


The most important and biggest step you have already taken is seeking help. This is a massive step towards controlling your own happiness and well-being. I will support you every step of the way, until you are strong enough and confident enough to grasp the reigns and take control of your life once more.

Qualifications and other skills:

  • Level 4 BSY Diploma for Specialist Counselling in:

    • Child Psychology

    • Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    • Bereavement

    • Depression

    • Anger Management

    • Self Harm

  • I have a self-published book on self harm (available from Amazon)