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“Silence” is another word for “pain”.

 Depression is said to be as common as a cold, it has no preference to age, colour, sex or creed, it's called "the modern-day plague". Depression can be triggered by many things, unemployment, family units breaking apart, divorce, misuse of illegal substances, low self-esteem, and no belief in ones worth, to name but a few. They all generate a feeling of hopelessness and negative thoughts, "what's the point?".

You feel no positivity for the future because you don't see a future, the next minute, hour, or day is beyond your capabilities to think about, it's so hard to function. You paint your smile on your face, but inside you're screaming, crying, and in total despair. You no longer feel excited about anything in your life, no longer want to socialise, the day is endless no matter how many baths you take, or how much you sleep. Then the night comes in, it's the time where you feel the darkness and loneliness more than ever. The quiet times are always the worse.

You're unsettled, you want quiet, you want busy, nothing is right. To break the cycle of depression you need to determine the cause, is it clinical, if so then your GP will likely offer medication. Is it reactionary? Has it occurred after an event? Is it because of social or lifestyle factors? The reasoning needs to be worked through.

Person with arms folded looking depressed against green wallpaper

Counseling will take you through your depression and will work with you to realise realistic, positive, and short-term goals that are achievable. Changing your negative thought patterns is extremely difficult you may have had them for many years, it's possible that you find yourself consuming more alcohol to try and block out the feelings, you'll then feel like your medication is not working. That's because alcohol enhances depressive thoughts and feelings. You will find yourself more volatile in the mornings, that's because alcohol reduces your plasma levels and of the anti-depressant medication, making them ineffective.

Being depressed can affect you both physically and mentally such as crying for no apparent reason, loss of appetite, insomnia, having suicidal thoughts, feeling completely drained, and becoming irritable. It can affect your work, you start to take more time off sick, you can't concentrate while you are there, laughing is replaced with crying, you can't relax, and you don't know where to go with it all.

Depression can be treated, cured, or managed, to enable you to start being you again and for you to want to start facing you again, and more importantly, start to like you again.

Visit your GP first then talk to someone who understands you and can help you, here at Acorn Woods, a specialist counsellor, I can walk with you every step of the way, little steps get you much further.