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Relationship & Family Mediation

Nothing hurts more than disappointment

Relationships can break down for many reasons, it's not always the breakdown of the marriage, it can be parent and child, a teenager not acting as you would like, or friendships breaking down, etc. You may be considering splitting up or separation, or in a situation where you simply no longer know where to go with it or know where to turn, maybe it's a problem with someone in your work or social life, legal and money matters, there are many reasons why communication breaks down.

Sometimes you need someone to sit on the outside to see clearly through your clouds to start communication again through a third party to enable you to see your situation as a whole through everyone's eyes, not just yours/theirs.

By seeing things clearly and talking things through it helps the situation from becoming a battleground, "you're right, they're wrong", it's about finding mutual ground, the bit in the middle where both sides can agree is acceptable, and giving a platform to find a solution that all sides can agree on. You no longer feel like you're fighting this alone, that no one is listening a third-party counsellor will listen to all sides to encourage common ground where a settlement can be found.

Counselling sessions can be solo or as a couple or as a family unit, whatever form your family takes, we at Acorn Woods understand all family units are made up differently and are all with individual and unique issues. So call us, we can help. Non-judgemental, 100% confidentiality ensured, start talking, stop fighting, arguing, and becoming stressed.