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Self Harm

Physical pain is not always an escape. 

Self-harming/self mutilation is a physical expression of a deep emotional pain and distress, for some people the act of hurting themselves gives them some relief from the crushing sadness they are feeling,one thought is that for some causing physical harm releases endorphins  a natural hormone produced in the pituitary gland, sometimes referred to as the "happy hormone". Endorphins  lift our mood, so perhaps we can see why for the short time the endorphin rush lasts someone may resort to harming just to have some relief from the mental pain.

Self harm can be extremely difficult to understand for both the person supporting and the person doing.

The red cross reported that over 110,000 went to hospital with injury's related to self harm, an increase of 50% over the last ten years. The mental health foundation estimated nearly half a million people across the uk self harm, and that it is one of the top five reasons for hospital admission, this of course only reflects the cases that reach hospital many thousands more suffer day after day in silence, in secret.Self harm is a private secret act not a cry for help not attention seeking but a way of coping.

Your physical scars will stay with you for a life time, let me help you ensure that the mental ones don’t.