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Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes we all fall down

Stress is all around us and in small doses our minds and bodies cope with it pretty well, in fact it can sometimes be beneficial. However, when you start to notice that any of the symptoms for stress and anxiety are becoming long-term - and this isn't always easy to see as people often don't realise they are suffering from stress and anxiety until they're at breaking point - it then becomes chronic stress and anxiety and this will have a detrimental effect on your physical as well as mental wellbeing and you'll begin to feel overwhelmed by it.

Stress is our trigger for fight or flight, it's a chemical reaction in the brain to help us make decisions when we feel threatened or in danger. Stress and anxiety can become a live altering obstacle if you don't address it and becomes long-term.

Everyone suffers a degree of stress, worry, or anxiety at some point in their life. Stress and anxiety can hit anyone at anytime. If it continues for any length of time, then they should seek help.

Person with arms folded and head down suffering with stress and anxiety

Below are some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety, if you or someone you know is suffering from one or multiple, feel free to get in touch.

  • Faster, racing heart beat
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Muscle pain
  • Rapid breathing
  • Low energy
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Becoming moody, irritable, or frustrated
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling of low self asteem

All of these symptoms can also effect the following:

  • Judgement
  • Emotions
  • Behaviour
  • Thinking ability
  • Inability to relax or switch-off

There are many things in our lives which can trigger stress and anxiety, these may include our jobs or working environments and financial worries, relationships, unexpected changes in our lives, upcoming public events such as weddings, parties, or meetings.

Stress and anxiety can cause physical illness as well so it is so important not to let it continue and to start to heal yourself.

Acorn Woods will be supporting you every step of the way to find the reasons and triggers behind your anxiety and/or stress and will work alongside you to find how best to move forward.